Good News From The California Protective Parents Association

Dear Friends,


Save the Dates.  2012 is an action-packed year…


March 1 :

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) will hold a Congressional Briefing to share results of evidenced-based programs and practices.

Court Practices and Programs to Improve Justice and Safety for Children and Families from 10:00 to 11:00 am, 2226 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC.

RSVP to Sarah Grabowska at or 775-784-6711.

You may send in your written testimony, if you cannot attend.

March 16-17 :

Conference in Phoenix, Arizona –  Our Broken Family Court System 

March 19-21 :

The U.S. Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence – The “Defending Childhood Task Force” – will hold the third public hearing in Miami, Florida focused on children’s exposure to violence in their communities and at school.

If you cannot attend, you can e-mail comments by April 24 to or send to NCCD, Attn: Defending Childhood Task Force, 1970 Broadway, Suite 500, Oakland, California, 94612.


April 28:

 Eighteenth Annual Child Sexual Abuse Conference at the Veterans Memorial Center, 203 East 14th Street, Davis, California from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Healing from Trauma: Clergy Abuse with Keynote Speaker Jaime Romo. There is no cost for the conference.

May 6-8:

Fourth Annual Mothers of Lost Children Mothers Day demonstration/lobbying in Washington, DC.

We are holding this event the week before Mothers Day this year.


Sunday, May 6:

Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for a silent vigil and march around the White House.

6:30 – 7:30 pm for a silent candlelight vigil.

Place: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW in front of the White House.


Monday, May 7 :

Time: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm for our first formal coalition meeting and lobbying workshop.

Place: Sewall Belmont House Suffragists’ Headquarters, 144 Constitution Ave, NE

Contact right away to sign up for the workshop (seating is limited).

A small fee of $40 is needed due to high cost of the historic space.


Tuesday, May 8:

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to lobby at the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives

  • Most of us stay at the inexpensive International Hostel, 1009 11th St NW, Washington (202) 737-2333
  • Be sure to bring your Mothers of Lost Children T-shirts! We will bring more in case you don’t have one. We wear white like the Liberian women .
  • We follow in the footsteps of the mothers who demonstrated every Thursday afternoon at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina to protest government torture and murder of their adult children. In Sacramento we demonstrate on Thursday afternoon at the family court to protest the legalized beatings, rape and murder of children.
  • For information on previous Washington DC demonstrations, go to the Mothers of Lost Children website.

3 thoughts on “Good News From The California Protective Parents Association

  1. The most important link on the blogroll here (and the most relevant) is at the very bottom, from NAFCJ: “Were tax dollars used to flip your case?”

    On this blog’s post (I see there is an RSS feed to it):
    “Update on Tiffany Wallace and Theresa Katka Case – Judge Janet Barke-Cain
    November 16, 2012” in the comments, scroll down and see the pdf they posted showing the billings in a certain case. It’s well over $100K. There are multiple billings for, one year, Christmas Day. I wonder how many of them are legitimate and have the paperwork to support them.

    This is why there are so many custody disasters — there’s a lot of money changing hands by prolonging the problems. It’s an extremely profitable (not “cottage”) industry. Imagine if people in every state simply wrote a FOIA and said, “what money was billed to my children’s (or mine, or my ex’s) Social Security Numbers in this county (not just courthouse!) for this time period?

    (in addition to receipts for specific vendors)?
    I have more comments on some of the other groups unearthed in Carver County marketing their trademarked program material I think on that post. One of the groups was from Australia, and one of the social workers (Cindy Finch) directly involved in the case, plus another person, was sitting through seminars in how to promote this product. See the post.

    Not only is this information relevant, I feel it makes us better citizens — as we know what is happening within government and act more responsibly to insist on stewardship of what it obtains from us via the income tax, and all other kinds of taxes. To get a better grasp of just how this is being spent is to become more invested in demanding accountability.

    The family courts are designed in such a way that this accountability cannot happen without an army of investigators staying on top of it. The system flaw is inherent — outsourcing business to nonprofits, and allowing those employed in the courts to freely set up nonprofits to take the business, then lobbying for laws that those groups get their cut of the action. If no one is willing to stay on top of this (and I mean, in every single county within the entire country) — which from what I can see, no one is) — then they are beyond scrutiny, beyond repair, eand other ways of handling divorce and custody have to be thought of.

    Unfortunately, the same groups typically involved in causing these crisis (by groups I often mean nonprofit trade associations/nonprofits: Like the AFCC, the ABA, the APA, the ADR& ACR groups — all of which are (corporation wise) simply nonprofit corporations with a national or state-wide interest) — are a step ahead and promoting “Collaborative Law” as the solution. In my opinion, I would not go to have a problem solved from someone who associates with those who caused the problem, and allow the “Good Cop, Bad Cop” show to go on…

    Well, that’s plenty for one day.

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2012! Do you know where your kids are?

    I don’t know if this comment will clear, but consider it an important one. I’m also probably going to post on this matter one more time at the home blog:

    Feedback on the 2nd and 3rd conferences listed, above:

    Noncustodial or custody-challenged mothers need to understand both of these events and movements a lot better than they do:

    March 16-17 :
    Conference in Phoenix, Arizona – Our Broken Family Court System.

    March 19-21 :
    The U.S. Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence – The “Defending Childhood Task Force” – will hold the third public hearing in Miami, Florida focused on children’s exposure to violence in their communities and at school.

    2012 is almost over and the protective parents movement has bought the line that hooking up with behavioral health // psychologists and doing the same basic things, only more ethically, more professionally, is somehow going to save the problem. Rather than actually looking at who put the family court system together, and why it’s been turned into a great profession for those fields.

    “Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion &”Our” “Broken” Family Law System”

    I cannot for the life of me understand why more Moms (in particular) won’t stand up and simply look up the organizations — and people running the organizations (and reading tax returns of nonprofits, their 990s), and putting a little profiling skills to work — that are fronting all the advocacy, help us, fix our courts, audit the courts, clean the place up, train our judges to recognize child abuse and domestic violence (like it’s THAT hard to recognize??? and count on clients, affiliates, and people who donate free publicity to their cause will continue to pay no attention to the agenda.

    It is one thing for the Leadership Council to disseminate 58,000 children per year and have every one quoting the figure (I’ll bet it’s really low!) year after year, without reading their mission statement (which has nothing to do with preventing batterers and molesters from getting custody). It’s taking it up a whole new level to advocate for the “Our Broken Family Courts” initiative and fail to see what the agenda is, including a rosy future for psychologists overall, as sponsored by mainstream primary care (plus parents). . . . .

    Now others have blended in with this, and are selling DvDs of the conference and a book, which is exactly, FYI, how the AFCC works and spreads its PAS doctrine, as well as raises some funding.

    Meanwhile, parents are financially devastated through the courts, and who is blogging what the OCSE has been doing, other than a very few mothers, including Anne Stevenson (Huffington Post), myself (three places), those associated with Richard Fine (Los Angeles), et al. Not only have we been blogging this stuff, but some have been reporting it since the 1990s.

    In short, if a person does not look at the economic angle (along with the others is fine) they are simply not looking.

    The Defending Childhood Initiative has not one!! representative on it addressing the family court issues — is that an accident?? However it does have representatives of the fatherhood industry, and some on the grants stream. “Must be” an oversight and not intentional.

    Anyone, for example, curious enough to realize that HHS recently solicited bidders for a $7million grant to run “” and the group that got it is someone working as a public employee in NY, and whose corporation history is less than straight-up? Why would HHS do this?

    BWJP, to the right, belongs to another group on the major grants stream, it is a project of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (formerly MPDI). The business all of these are in is NOt direct help to parents but technical assistance and training. It is a business, and very profitable for those on the supply side. Saving lives by exempting DV cases of CA cases from shared parenting would shut down this business as unnecessary: Problem solved: batterers and molesters can not be around kids. Other parents who can control themselves, can be.

    Fixing things, including cars, requires a basic understanding of how the system is designed to work, and then asking the right questions (and eliminating irrelevant questions) about why it isn’t doing what you want. Perhaps it’s broken, or perhaps it’s the wrong vehicle for the job.

    ~ ~ I had contact with a mother from texas recently who is, unbelievably, getting her (child) back after the father was convicted of (child abuse). This mother didn’t give up, but she did her background lookups, and is an amazing resource because of that. She looked up nonprofits, real estate deeds, and who, really, are the courts? Apparently, it was this angle, apparently (and not convincing some judge that it was a poor decision) that is getting the results.

    I feel very sad inside when I see how much distraction and derailment there is on the net under the umbrella of advocacy. You cannot understand this without understanding the organizations involved and how they are funded, plus how they interact (and talk) with each other.

    I have a lot of respect for Nicholas Cummings (Cummings Foundation) from what I have read, as a hard worker, visionary and a change agent. However his agenda has to be understood in terms of his life’s work, which is promoting the profession (and ethics) of psychologists. How would this be helpful for mothers, and fathers, who are in need of a court system which takes criminal behavior seriously, instead of reframing it as a mental health problem and telling the victims to get along better with the perps? (While ignoring the quantity of deaths that result directly from this philosophy)…. this is simply elementary, if one understands the AFCC.

    “What Language Do Our Advocates Speak?” (one of about three posts on this specific conference and topic, above).

    Note: I have a few different blogs, but the one under signature here is the main one. The links above, however, have more information on the “Broken Courts” paradigm, which is based on a lie propagated by people who have made a professional reputation, in part, on suggestions for fixing them. {{may be duplicate; had to refresh internet connection during the first submit}}.

  3. The ncjfcj conference will also be held in March in Las Vegas, NV. Spead the word.
    California presence is greatly needed since most of our programs are used as satellites for other states as well as federal funding.

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