St. Louis Misery: A Mother Fights for Return of Abducted Child


St. Louis Misery – A mother fights for return of abducted child

The Court System of Missouri has had their brutal shackles coldly gripping the lives of Sonja De Vivo and her severed family for over a decade. This is no run-of-the-mill ten year prison sentence; that would be far easier to stomach. It has been a savage court-ordered, daily regiment of emotional and psychological torture. The storm troopers of the 21st Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri, have been administering the torture upon Sonja De Vivo for 3,500 some-odd days and counting, without fail, and in true Nazi fashion.

Sonja’s daughter was taken from her ten years ago by the Missouri court. The ruling was given based upon false accusations by Sonja’s ex-husband amid a tumultuous divorce. The court found no “abuse”, however, they refused to return her daughter. Read more about the baffling and sadistic tale of state sponsored abduction in “Child Abduction By The State.” They have blatantly neglected to even glance back on their decision since, despite the fact that she still has custody of two other healthy happy children who long for their little sister. The only abuse being implemented is the torture by the Missouri court system against a defenseless family.

The gavel fell hard in 2001, like a guillotine, severing the bond between a loving mother and her daughter. The piercing sound of that blade slicing down to the chopping block reverberates in Sonja’s ears every day of her life, and the Missouri court room has done everything they can to make sure she cannot forget that piercing sound. To condition and intimidate her into submission to these high crimes of the state. The most recent activities of the 21st Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri, are a grim testament to that.

On April 30, 2009, Sonja received a restraining order, further restricting her relationship with her daughter. De Vivo’s daughter made an attempt to contact Sonja. After punishing Sonja’s daughter (now 15) for attempting to reach out to her biological mother, the court ordered foster ‘father’ filed a restraining order against Sonja! The state of Missouri had officially, and wrongfully, terminated all of Sonja’s parental rights six years ago. Sonja and her daughter have been out of contact for this time due the foster parents neglect to establish further allowed visitations. Now that her daughter is desperately trying to contact her, the state of Missouri feels that even more brute force must be brought down upon the already fragile situation.

The request was granted with no questions asked. No word was given to the fact that her daughter was the one trying to contact her natural mother, or that the adoptive parent had punished her for doing so. No proof was needed to validate the perjured allegations “justifying” the request, and, in an effort to not break the precedent already set by the court, Sonja has been denied the ability to present evidence against the accusations in front of a judge. In fact, all of her previous court-appointed attorneys have refused to represent her if she wished to have any evidence-backed response be presented in front of a judge. The appointed Washington University
interns have been defending her under “free” representation. Apparently, representation that caters towards the benefit of the defendant is not included when you get it for free. Apparently, the right to a fair and speedy trial is only a right for those who can afford it.

For the entire duration of De Vivo’s case, none of the proven false allegations made against her have even been addressed in front of the Judge, and submission of any evidence defending her case has been refused. The chips are stacked against her, and every time she has a decent hand to play, the state of Missouri always finds a way to have a better one.

A Guardian Ad Litem was appointed to the case. This appointee is supposed to interview the child, as well as represent her. The Guardian Ad Litem was just another winning card stashed up the long, snide sleeves of the court. No interview was ever conducted with the daughter. The Guardian Ad Litem’s excuse for not interviewing her was based on the hearsay of the adoptive parent, who claimed she was just a liar. It is clear at this point that the state does not want it on record that the adopted child has been trying to reach out to her natural mother.

The 21st Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri, has been playing the same game for the past decade, gambling with the lives and futures of a mother and her daughter, and cheating all the while long. Despite all of the savage proceedings of the court, Sonja has not given up, and is continuing to tirelessly fight through the ruthless, unwarranted, emotional torture that she has withstood.

She is to the point, however, where she is unable to keep fighting on her own. Please help her to obtain her own lawyer, one that has not been appointed by the crooked court of the state of Missouri, and help ensure that she stands a fighting chance against this evil that has been wrongfully keeping her from her child. The unjust state court system has inflicted far too much emotional pain upon this mother and daughter for nearly ten years…

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