State vs. Caroline Rice and Five Days Until Christmas…



From Carver County Corruption:

Bryan Stranberg, Carver County Detective took the stand for the prosecution today. No one could understand what he was testifying for, other than to the contents of the DVD, of which Stranberg conveniently could not recall much of any of the DVD`s contents.

Caroline Rice asked once again for the DVD to be entered into evidence and shown to the jury. This was granted today. The judge had no choice at this time since the questioning revolves around the DVD and no one seemed to be able to recall what it said. The TV was brought in, the DVD began. Tears and gasps were heard in the courtroom throughout the DVD. For 40 minutes A Rice cried and stated, `I want to be with my mom`. Carole Cole stated, `You are not permitted to be with your mom`, A Rice replied, `Yeah, why is that?` A Rice stated, `No one here will help me, none of you will help`, `I have waited two years to see my mom, nothing changes`… and it went on and on.

Prosecution rested with witnesses after the DVD and Bryan Stranberg`s testimony.

Caroline Rice subpoenaed witnesses last Friday. Those witnesses include her children, the foster mother for A Rice, Caroline Rice`s parents, Carole Cole (unlicensed Social Worker on the DVD interrogating A Rice) and a few others.

Carole Cole took the stand. Her behavior was shocking. She rolled her eyes at Caroline Rice continually, smirked and laughed through Caroline Rice`s questioning of her. She did not look at A Rice`s file prior to taking the stand, she did not bring her notes from the incident or take Caroline Rice seriously, this was obvious in the courtroom. Carole Cole`s demeanor was incredibly unprofessional and crude. Cole admitted A Rice was suicidal and placed into a hospital less than two years ago. Carole Cole admitted that A Rice was suicidal because A Rice has `problems` with her father. Cole admitted A Rice wants to be with her mom and she cannot be. Carole Cole admitted A Rice was placed into a foster home after the hospitalization. When Caroline Rice asked Cole why A Rice was not placed into a relative`s home instead of a foster home Cole claimed, `There were no suitable relatives available to care for A Rice`. Caroline Rice`s parents were in the hall during the testimony – because they are witnesses they cannot be in the courtroom. Caroline`s parents would be horrified to hear Cole state `there were no suitable relatives` since Caroline`s parents have been stripped and robbed of years with their grandkids due to the corruption in this courthouse.

CH, foster mother for A Rice took the stand. CH told the courtroom that A Rice was inconsolable while living with her due to A Rice not being able to be with her mother. Caroline asked CH if she tried to console A Rice. CH replied, `I tried but you cannot replace a mother`s comfort.` CH stated A Rice is afraid of her father and would talk about wanting to be with her mother continually.

T Rice, 18 year old Rice son took the stand. T Rice stated there is a restraining order keeping him and his siblings from having contact with their mother, Caroline Rice. T Rice stated he and his siblings still do not know why there was/is a restraining order forcing them away from their own mom. T Rice stated A Rice would in the past beg him to take her to their mom. T Rice stated it has been very difficult to not be able to have contact with their mother. T Rice stated A Rice`s emotional state prior to running away was bad, she was struggling with not being able to be with her mom.

Judge Perkins stated something very odd. Perkins stated, `The Rice children are not restricted from seeing their mom or contacting her, Caroline Rice is restricted from contacting them` This caused puzzlement throughout the courtroom, it would any courtroom or social setting. So… the kids can see and call their mom anytime… but Caroline cannot embrace them or answer the phone? She is supposed to tell them to go away per court order? Good grief.

Judge Perkins` treatment of Caroline was the same as always: terrible. At one point Perkins stood up and ordered Caroline Rice and Peter Ivy (prosecuting attorney) into the side room, again. Caroline would not go into a room with Perkins due to his conduct last time, Caroline is afraid of Perkins. She was so shook up the last time from his yelling at her that she refused to go through it again without a witness, she said, `I am not going back there, I am not comfortable with it unless I have a witness`. Perkins told her, `You are not permitted a witness, get back here!` She said no. The room stood still. Perkins did the right thing and came back, sat down, and dismissed the jury to have a `talk` with Caroline in front of the courtroom. This was a very good move on Caroline Rice`s part. The judge tries anything in his power to frazzle and intimidate her. The judge will not try the `side room` move again.

A very big development occurred today in the courtroom. Caroline Rice is on trial for 3 counts: intent to coerce A Rice to run away, aiding and abetting a minor, and neglecting to return a minor who has ran away. Prosecution admitted in open court that Caroline did not coerce A Rice to run away from home: this has now been proven. Aiding and abetting is left. When A Rice found her mother – Caroline immediately headed for home with her. That will also be proven by first person witnesses, L Rice and A Rice.

Judge Perkins does not want L Rice (19 yr old) and A Rice (13 yr old) to take the stand. Everyone in the courtroom had to sit while Perkins drilled Caroline as to why and what the witnesses will say, he says he is not sure he is letting them (L Rice and A Rice) take the stand and he wants `proof` as to what they will say. L Rice and A Rice are first-person witnesses to the incident of A Rice running away and what occurred during that time (the reason for this trial). The truth will come out. Perkins went so far as to ask and taunt Caroline, `How do you know what A Rice will testify to? You have no contact with her.` Caroline Rice stated, `I know my children, they will tell the truth`

Perkins had L Rice enter the courtroom at the end of the day. Perkins informed L Rice she should consult with an attorney prior to testifying and threatened her with charges. Peter Ivy stated in open court he cannot guarantee the protection of the witnesses should they admit to harboring A Rice. (this was directed at L Rice)

State vs. Caroline Rice, trial day #5 begins tomorrow, December 20th, 2011

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