State vs. Caroline Rice Continues Monday, December 19th at 8:30 A.M.

From Carver County Corruption:

Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

Steven Walburg

Judge Richard Perkins

Jaspers Moriaty & Walburg Carver

County District Court Attorneys At Law

Dear Attorney Walburg and Judge Perkins:

By this letter I discharge Mr. Walburg as my attorney and public defender and demand that I be permitted to represent myself at my forthcoming trial. I take this action because Mr. Walburg is not preparing any defense for me or taking any of the actions he should be taking as follows:

1. You have not prepared any defense for me to my knowledge or even discussed any defense with me even though I met with your investigator and told him the facts in my case and told you the facts you asked about. You have not met with any of my proposed witnesses.

2. Before being appointed as my public defender, you “conferred” with Judge Perkins as you related to me. This was highly improper and unjustified. You represent me, not Judge Perkins. There is no justifiable reason for such a meeting with Judge Perkins. The judge is required to be independent and prohibited from Influencing any attorney who represents a defendant or from conspiring with anyone to railroad a defendant into a conviction. I believe you are conspiring with Judge Perkins and the prosecutor into convicting me of a crime I didn’t commit and justify Judge Perkins’ mistreatment of me.

3. The fact that Judge Perkins conferred with you before appointing you as my public defender is public record. Judge Perkins said in open court on the record that he would confer with the person he would appoint as my public defender.

4. To my knowledge, you have not prepared or submitted a list of witnesses for my trial scheduled for December 13, 2011. You have not shown me such a list or consulted me about it. I hereby demand, Judge Perkins, that I be allowed to submit my list of witnesses and be allowed to call them to testify. These witnesses include my daughter L*** Rice who was admitted to West Point University and is highly credible and who was with me when the events I am being prosecuted for occurred, Another witness I want to call is my daughter A*** Rice, my daughter who ran from her father’s home because she was being mistreated and whom I did not encourage to run from her father’s home or help her in this endeavor in any way. My other children who were mistreated by their father and can verify my innocence also are witnesses I want to list and call and others. You should know that none of the prosecutions witnesses have any first person information about what occurred.

5. You failed to list my daughter’s DVD that completely exonerates me. This is essential evidence which I believe she will verify. This DVD must be shown to the jury.

6. Apparently, You allowed Judge Perkins, without objection, to deny my affirmative defense that I was justifiably protecting my children who for years were neglected and abused by their father. That defense is allowed me by statute.

7. You lied in your emails to me in which you claim that I would not meet with you. I have witnesses who accompanied me to your office and were not allowed to meet with you because you insisted on meeting with me alone. These witnesses are available to verify my visits to your office and your refusal to meet with them.


Caroline Rice

cc: John Stuart, State Public Defender


State vs. Caroline Rice continues Monday, December 19th at 8:30 am.

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