Linda Marie Sacks Press Release May 6, 2011



Press Contact:

Linda Marie Sacks 386-453-3017

Kathleen Russell, Center for Judicial Excellence 415-388-9600




 Washington, D.C. May 6, 2011 –– In an effort to protect her children and tens of thousands of children in similar situations, Linda Marie Sacks from Daytona Beach, Florida – an “all-American mom” who never imagined that she could lose custody of her children – will appear today in a landmark case before the Supreme Court to present a Petition for Certiorari.


Ms. Sacks stated, “My appearance before the Supreme Court is an historic moment for all of America’s mothers and their vulnerable children. Before the 2007 ruling by Judge Shawn L. Briese, I was my daughters’ primary care giver. I was my children’s class mom, soccer mom, and car pool mom.  I was a community volunteer and had no history of drug or alcohol abuse, no history of child or spousal abuse or infidelity. In my case, the trial court dismissed, ignored, and suppressed credible evidence of child sexual and physical abuse, and I lost custody of my children for trying to protect them from that abuse. More and more battered women are losing custody of their children; it has become a nationwide problem that has been described as “epidemic and widespread” and it has created a public health crisis for America’s children.”


Ms Sacks added, “The family court system is giving pedophiles and batterers custody, and the “fit” parent’s rights are terminated, or like me are placed on supervised visitation for years without a case plan or reunification plan. Worse, our minor children are not being protected.”


Ms. Sacks concluded, “A judge legally kidnapped my children. I am not alone, it is well documented that nearly 60,000 children are ordered by the courts to live with a sexually or physically abusive parent after a divorce in the U.S. The nation’s family courts did not protect my children. If this could happen to me, it could happen to anyone.”


Press Conference:                                                                       

May 6, 2011 12:00 P.M.

U.S. Supreme Court

One First Street, NE

Washington, D.C. 20543


Mothers Day Demonstration and Candlelight Vigil:

May 8, 2011 6:00 to 9:30 P.M.

The White House


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