Letter to Caroline from Annie

Click here to read a Letter to Caroline Halonen Rice from Annie Kay.

Annie is a protective mother in Brooklyn, New York who is standing in front of a judge today for trying to protect her children. A family court judge punished Annie, much like a family court judge punished Caroline in Minnesota for trying to protect her children.

What’s the price you’d pay in the state of Minnesota for trying to protect your children from intrafamilial abuse?  

Caroline’s booking and bail record. Interesting when compared with others on the same page…

To compare Caroline’s charges and bail with others in the Carver County jail, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the photo above. 
  2. Look at the charges of the inmates listed. Notice the charges and the bail set for the other inmates.

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One thought on “Letter to Caroline from Annie

  1. This is a good site for women being abused by the Family Court there needs to be a watchdog that overseses the abuse taking to stop these abusive Judges and make laws that will Help mothers that need assistance MOST IMPORTANT IS TO TALK TO THE CHILDREN AND GET THEM AWAY FROM HARM AND SHOW THEM THAT THEY DONT NEED TO FEEL INTIMIDATED OR THREATENED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.THOSE CHILDREN NEED TO SPEAK IN THE COURT RIGHT THERE OPINIONS AND GIVE TESTIMONY AGAINST THERE ABUSER WITHOUT FEAR

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