What Exactly Happened in Caroline’s Children’s Case?

by Julia Fletcher

Is it the same thing that happened in Holly’s children’s case?

And in Linda Marie’s children’s case? And in Wendy’s children’s case and in Terry’s case?

Is it the same thing that happened when Karen went to family court to try to protect her children? Did the same thing happen to Katie, Amy, Genia, Lisa, Danielle, Pamela, Nancy, Lorraine, Annie, Claudine, Janice, Maria, Karen, Faith, Heather, Kathy Lee, Cara, Marlene, Rachel, Suzanne, Amanda, Renee, Cindy, Anne, Susan…

Any investigative journalists out there ready to get their feet wet?

[Update April 28, 2012: FOUR  investigative journalists are now investigating.]

 … and what about Lea, Jeanne, Mia, Gail, June, Elizabeth, Chris, Kim, Sunny, Susan, Sandra, Leslie, Bree, Wilma, Lisa, Cheryl, Bonnie, Judyth, Lea, Lori, Mary, Kathryn, Tina, Nicolette, Martine, Elena, Donna, Kimberly, Kelley, Marla, Mary Jo, Terri, Elizabeth, Alicia, Tiffini, Jennifer Shannon, Ali, Connie, Jan, Maureen, Carol, Leah,  Fiona …

Stay strong ladies. We’re almost at the mountaintop!

Please note: If you’d like your name added to this list, feel free to post a comment anonymously here or send your first name to me at juliafletcher714@gmail.com.

One thought on “What Exactly Happened in Caroline’s Children’s Case?

  1. Same thing is happening to me. I need to get in touch with Wendy titelman. I’m in Georgia.

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