3 thoughts on “Faces of the Family Court Crisis

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  2. Family Court is or was conducting divorce’s in the back room chambers! Has this happened to you? Well it did to me, in December of 2009 by the Chief Judge Jeremiah Jr. Case no P2009 0061, Donald Simeone vs. Serena Simeone. At the time I didn’t know what was going on, all I knew was my attorney John Lynch Sr. who got paid $15,000.00 by my mother to get my children and my half of a 7 year marriage to my e-x, rushed me into the back room chambers and conducted an illegal divorce that is suppose to be conducted in open court. It was all illegal and all conducted by politician and I’m sure they were all paid off very well. How long has this gone on? Open Court is open for a reason, so this very thing does not happen.My E-X Donald Simeone, his Attorney William Lynch (Attorney General Patrick Lynch’s brother, of course), Guardian Ad Litem Steven A. Colantuono, my Attorney John Lynch Sr. and the Chief Judge Jeremiah Jr. all took part in this illegal divorce, throwing me the stay at home mother of 2 minor children (2 and 5 years old) out of the marital home. My ex Donald Simeone was awarded everything, The house, the cars, the Business; Scott’s Garage, the IRA’S, the timeshares, the boat, the equity in the house, all the additions to the house, the retirement, all the marital assets, and even my personal assets, HE EVEN GOT THE CHILDREN! He works full time Monday through Saturday 8am to 6 pm, so my kids are either with the grandparents, babysitter’s or girlfriend! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? FAMILY COURT? BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN? I’m the stay at home, waiting for my kids, since my ex wanted a divorce now “i’m crazy”? This is all government misconduct! From a 7 year marriage, I got $3200.00 for a car, 10 1/2 months rent, 1 year of medical coverage and 1 hour a week with my children, and a bill for $97,000.00 from my Attorney John Lynch Sr. after I went to the disciplinary board on him, (of course they did nothing). WHY? Because I didn’t have the money his family did to pay off the right people. My case is in the Supreme Court now, March 2011, I’m fighting for this wrong to be righted, I just want my half, what is rightfully mine, and of course my children. My children have Steven Colantuono “Guardian Ad Litem” and in 2 years he hasn’t spoken to either of my two minor children’s schools, or doctors (As of March 14, 2011). I have emails and tape recorded conversations that he has NOT spoken to the principal, teachers or Dr. First, and in the last 3 1/2 months hasn’t even checked in to court supervised visitation, he couldn’t even remember the last time he spoke to my children, 7 and 4 years old. In supervised visitation my daughter has said “their dad doesn’t spend any time with them, their also with the grandparents, babysitter or girlfriend, their dad has told their grandmother that their better off with out their mother”! No one from the Family Court does anything about this, NOT EVEN Judge John McCann. Who’s protecting these Children? I have done nothing wrong to my children but love them. They even want me to pay child support, that’s crazy right? I haven’t had a job since 2003. Well this is all true and it happened to me, lets hope it doesn’t happen to you. If it did please contact me. I’m sure this has gone on for many, many years and I’m going to make damn sure they don’t get away with it. Please pray for me and my children and pray the Supreme Court obeys the law, unlike the Rhode Island Family Court. Interesting to note….Chief Judge Jeremiah also did Patrick Lynch’s (previous Attorney General, my ex’s attorney brother) divorce, and my Attorney John Lynch Sr. was also his attorney, HOW CHARMING! You know that was also done in the backroom too?

  3. I am not sure what the topic is today. So I will write about “failure to thrive” which according to some professionals means that “a baby is growing slower than the average baby.” When I talk about “failure to thrive” I am talking about the debilitating progressive manifestation of the psychological truama that women whose children have been ripped from them feel when they have fought day and night with no food, no sleep, no money, with their houses being ripped from them by those who abused them and their children. They live in the stage of “failure to thrive” for months and sometimes years at a time but as with babies they do continue to grow but at a slower rate than others of their generation. I talk to a lot of women whose children are illegally being detained from them and them from them. [Detainment of our children is a clear violation of our Constitutional Rights – See California case with Attorney Sondra Sutherland – we must scream about it – legally of course]. Their voices are low, slow, sometimes incoherent but their desire to live and fight for their children can be heard but at a much slower level than they can comprehend. The urgency that they feel to take thier children out of those abusive homes is debilitating. Only those women know the truth – thier children are in danger. Often times it is only a phone call that takes those women out of the “failure to thrive” mode – someone to say are you in your “failure to thirve” mode – most laugh because they can’t hide from others who suffer too. We recognize the pain that most others can’t see or comprehend. We are in a holocaust – it is a family court epidemic – we are hostages – and we must fight together and survive together. Call another mother in need, make her dinner, clean her house, go grocery shopping, buy her lavender lotion, give her a massage [PTSD and faliure thrive symtoms lessened by holistic body work], let her scream and cry, do her laundry, etc. Women in the “failure to thrive” mode are in intense physical and emotional pain. I once met a women who name was Lanka Rose she was a holocaust survivor – she immediately knew I was in the “failure to thrive” mode – she said to me within minutes of meeting me – “what happened to you” “it is in your eyes” “what ever it is don’t let it destroy you”. She went on to tell me about the days in the holocaust and how she and her friend would escape sometimes and hide behind the corn mills and eat corn all day and pretend that they were not in the holocaust. She told me that I must have fun while I am in this “trial of my motherhood” or I will not survive. So with each day since I have tried to find the strength to have fun without my son by my side. And believe that one day just like Lanka Rose my son and I will be free from the Rhode Island Family Court Holocaust. I can be reached at (401) 258-3299 or societyofmind@hotmail.com. I recently spoke on abusefreedom.com which will air tonight at 7PM with another mother speaking about her holocaust.

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