Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg’s Message: Corrupted Honorable Charles Hynes, DA of Brooklyn, NY & Henna White


Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg is a lone solider dedicated to fighting pedophilia in Jewish communities worldwide.   

In New York alone, only one arrest was made in the Orthodox Jewish community after the District Attorney prosecuted a single pedophile.

Rabbi Rosenberg has been out there, saying it like it is, for a few years now. He even took a bullet to the head in defense of his position. Click on his videos below to hear his outspoken message about the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn NY, as well as OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, the largest social services agency in the world.

Follow Rabbi Rosenberg’s telephone hotline and weekly recorded messages and posts at http://nochemrosenberg.blogspot.com

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg’s webcam video
December 24, 2010, 04:47 AM

January 21, 2011: Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Declared war with Charles Hynes, DA of Brooklyn

Rabbi Rosenberg has the full support to continue in his righteous mission, by the Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York

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