For immediate release – Demonstration and filing of criminal complaint against Steve Zakheim

Steve Zackheim

For immediate release – Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York.
Demonstration and filing of criminal complaint against Steve Zakheim

For Further information, please contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904
Press conference and demonstration in front of the NYC Police Department, 70th Precinct, 9:00 pm sharp, tonight.

We are a group of women who have been working together as a group in protecting women and children from domestic abuse, and preventing authorities from hurting families via the legal system. In the past year alone, we have been extremely frustrated by the District Attorney, Charles Hynes’ Office, in Brooklyn NY, and especially his chief deputy assistant, Mrs. Henna White. Mrs. White prides herself as an activist and liaison for the Jewish community, yet she is strictly an administrative person, and not a law enforcement official who should be accepting criminal complaints on behalf of constituents in Kings County. Additionally, being that she is not a Mental Health professional either, waives her from being a mandated reporter.

We have been frustrated by Mrs. Henna white’s actions and interaction to cover up the abuse in cases and to try to force us, battered women to drop all criminal charges. Coercion methods include forcing a woman to drop an order of protection and trade it for obtaining custody. Another woman was notified that the order of protection was discontinued, in exchange for a GET, Jewish Divorce. Orders of Protection have become a bargaining tool to pressure women into submission and wipe the statistics clean of abuse in the community.

Last night, we chose to organize a peaceful protest vigil in front of Agudas Israel Bais Binyomin Hall at 2913 Avenue L, in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY, where a dinner was being held, and one of the honorees was Henna White. We arrived at 7:30 pm, and peacefully protested, urging the people to “call the police, don’t call Henna” if they have an emergency. Approximately an hour later, Mrs. Henna White arrived to the event in an Emergency Vehicle, escorted by Mr. Steve Zakheim.

Mr. Steve Zakheim, who is a community activist, and has a long history of serious criminal and civil matters with the state of New York, forcefully ripped our signs and assaulted us in a very obscene manner. After the initial attack, it was the Valet parking attendants who admonished Mr. Zakheim, exclaiming, “Be a man, don’t touch the ladies”, after which he retreated into congregation hall.

The fundraiser event was arranged in loving memory of Mr. Steve Zakheim’s niece, for the Yad Batya L’Kallah organization, which helps pay wedding expenses for poor brides. Did Mrs. Henna White come to scout out her future victims?

When Mrs. Henna White was leaving the event, we were again attacked by Mr. Zackheim and also his brother, who physically assaulted us, and we were scared for our safety. Through our merits, we were rescued by the tax cab driver who shoved us into the car, and sped for safety.

TONIGHT, AT 9:00 PM, WE WILL BE ASSEMBLING AT THE 70th PRECINCT 154 Lawrence Avenue, NY 11230-1103, (718) 851-5511WITH ALL EYE WITNESSES TO FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT ON MR. STEVE ZAKHEIM, AND HIS BROTHER. Mr. Zakheim’s, wife, Dr Faygie Zakheim, is the Co-Chairperson of the Task Force on Families and Children at Risk, and the Brooklyn Coalition for Abused Women, affiliated with Met Counsel. It would be expected that people who are heroically involved in such missions, would have firsthand knowledge on how to conduct themselves around such women.

We urge people to contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904 for assistance with confidential disclosure, as we continue to document the horrific reality. Every case will be treated with dignity and respect.

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