How to Uncover a National Scandal Part 3: In Exile in Puerto Rico


How to Uncover a National Scandal Part 3: In Exile in Puerto Rico


February 4, 2011

by Julia Fletcher

The 53-year-old mother in the video below, is another protective mother who left her home with her child to protect him from abuse. She is living in Puerto Rico where the courts have been protecting her son for the last 13 years. She’s asking for help. 

She also raises a good point. Does anyone care?

People probably do care about how many children lose their lives each year as a result of family court orders. People probably do care that mothers in America are punished for protecting their children in family courts. 

People do care,  but don’t do anything about it  because the family court crisis doesn’t affect them. At least that’s what they think.

If we start to talk about how much taxpayer money is being wasted, as Pamela Kilmer has done, will anyone care enough to demand congressional and federal investigations?

From Topix Lebanon County Corrupt Judges Forum

Well, the judges just wasted more taxpayers money, doesn’t anyone care? I wonder how much that show of intimidation cost the county, someone should check that out. I also wonder how much $$$,$$$.$$ they threw away on my case?

Speaking of intimidation, one week after being extradited back to Lebanon, PA, from Puerto Rico ($$$,$$$.$$), a guard took me to two big men in plain clothes. I asked repeatedly, what was going on and who they were- no answer. They put a heavy leather belt around my waist, put handcuffs on me, then chained them to the belt. They treated me like I was a violent criminal. They had absolutely no reason to do that. There is nothing about me being violent, not in my case, not ever!

They took me out to an unmarked car, I asked repeatedly about what was going on, where were they taking me. We headed out of Lebanon, finally one man told me they were State Police and they were taking me to court. I asked if my lawyer knew about this. He asked me if I told my lawyer. I told him this is the first time I am hearing about this. They took me into the magistrate, Joanne Shultz’s, court room. I was sitting there in shock. I told them I couldn’t believe they could take me to court without me having my attorney with me. He took me to a phone and said I could call my attorney. I told him I didn’t have my attorney’s phone number and he was in New Orleans. Then he took me back into the court room and they continued with a hearing where bail was set at-$150,000.00. I was just in shock as to how they treated me. Later, Judge Tylwalk set bail at -‘NO BAIL’- for a Contempt Charge for not showing up a court date where I was never served my due process.

Weeks later, they did it to me again, they took me to court WITHOUT NOTICE, NO ATTORNEY, NO DUE PROCESS. My son’s father was there in a suit with many family members and friends and I was there alone in my prison uniform. Then just the father, the paternal grandfather, the father’s attorney, people from C & Y, a few other people and I were taken into Judge Tylwalk’s chambers for private hearing. I don’t even know if that is ethical or legal for them to do that. Why didn’t Judge Tylwalk want the public to know what was going on? This is where he ordered C & Y, for the second time to fly to PR to get my son ($$$,$$$.$$) among other things. Luckily, the unbiased Superior court in PR placed a Court Restraining Order prohibiting Lebanon C & Y from taking my son because they had the evidence that showed the system in Lebanon knew my son was being abused by his father, Robert Wasko, and they did not protect him. So, for the second time they flew back without him.

After around 200 days in jail, I was found ‘NOT GUILTY’ for Parental Kidnapping by an unbiased jury. Then shockingly, the judges still would not release me because of that ‘Contempt Charge’ where I was not served my due process.

As a retired FBI agent told me, it’s like Old Time Georgia there, it’s obvious that they (the judges) think they are above the law. You can expect them to pull anything on you now, but luckily for you, and for new people to their court, people are watching – whatever they pull on you now, the world will know. The judges are going to be held accountable for their action.

Maybe the rulers are getting nervous because they know their reign may soon be coming to an end, they may soon be dethroned. They had better start being ethical, follow the rules of the court, and allow all evidence in court that they are required to, especially in cases where children are involved, for the sake of the child. For the sake of the children, they also desperately need to get special training to handle Abuse Cases when Custody is in Dispute. The community should demand that they do this, as soon as possible, before they destroy more children’s lives.

 Hasn’t the mainstream media jumped all over this case? Isn’t the Justice Department investigating? Are there any state audits in the works for the Lebanon County courts by any chance?

Like Pamela says, doesn’t anyone care?



* Please also see Pennsylvania Family Court  for more information regarding more challenges facing protective mothers in Pennsylvania.

Here’s one more quote from Pamela Kilmer:

The evil, corrupt people in the world count on the good decent people to be lazy, not care, get involved, and help each other. Bullies like to discourage and pick on people who they think won’t stand up for themselves or others. Those who don’t help are part of the problem.

Good, decent people of courage need to actively help each other. People in Pennsylvania and all across the United States are coming together to fight the corruption in the court rooms. We can and will succeed. Never give up standing up for what you believe in.

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