Valentine’s Day Vigil at the White House


From the California Protective Parent Association newsletter:

The Mothers Movement is a persistent, insistent civil and human rights campaign.  We will never give up until this horrible nightmare for children and nurturing  safe mothers ends.

Mothers of Lost Children are gathering  on Sunday February 13 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the White House for a vigil. Do bring warm clothes and your white t-shirt. We will meet at the International Hostel that night at 6:00 pm for a planning meeting. On Monday February 14 (another poignant holiday for moms who have lost their children to abusers) we will gather at the US Department of Health and  Human Services at  200 Independence Ave SW for a press conference at 11:00  am. We will march to the Senate buildings to ask for Congressional investigation into huge expenditures for fatherhood (zero for motherhood) that end up with such terrible outcomes for children. See for more information.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Vigil at the White House

  1. When I think of mothers of lost children my heart breaks. My soul, my positive energy and thoughts will be with you that day!


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