How to Uncover a National Scandal: Part 2

by Julia Fletcher

January 30, 2011

At the 16:25 minute mark in Domestic Violence Continued: Contested Child Custody, two attorneys from Alaska explain how easy it is to flip child custody from protective mothers to abusive fathers and how frequently it happens. 

Please share this video with all who might be able to help decide best practices for child custody cases involving domestic violence and child abuse.

  Post updated February 10, 2014

One thought on “How to Uncover a National Scandal: Part 2

  1. At what point is it a crime?

    Never with this system but most assuredly it’s a crime in the law. Nobody wants to rock the $12 billion industry boat that is supporting the crimes against children. Notice the people in the system continuously call the children “our children”!


    That child came from me. These are not their children. They aren’t their children until a parent has done something to warrant removal of parental rights.

    They are all sick and profitting off OUR children. It’s a money trail. You couldn’t read the very same reports with the very same wording in different states from these corrupt cases without knowing there is a lot greater power at work behind the scenes.

    The evaluators are being trained to do this. The childrens lives are being destroyed and the parent who is most honest is run ragged defending themselves against false allegations. In the end the child has witnessed legal abuse against their loving parent and the affects it has along with losing their innocence and childhood. They have nothing to believe in when the law is exacting this abuse.

    Any hope of more than an impoverished living is rare when the fun is over in family court.

    I love children. I love my child. No dollar was worth the pain they have inflicted on her innocent life. It takes a special kind of “parent” to be willing to harm a child in this way as it is real obvious the pain the child is living when you become owned by the system.

    Follow the money.

    I can’t believe all of what I thought is TRUE about the money.

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