Happy Holidays to Federal Investigators and Investigative Journalists!


Happy Holidays to Federal Investigators and Investigative Journalists!

December 24, 2010

Dear federal investigators and investigative reporters,

Our holiday gift to you is an infomercial for last year’s Parental Alienation Syndrome conference in Toronto, Canada promoting the “parental alienation syndrome” scam in the United States and Canada. 

The flashy videos, dramatic music and prepared script are evidence of the intent to encourage family court professionals to generate profit from high-conflict child custody cases. One participant actually says:

“Coming to this conference enables me to get listed in an online referral service for new clients and that’s important to me. This symposium is also focused on high conflict cases that generate big revenue streams to my practice. The little money that I’ll be spending to go to this conference will be the best investment I’ll make in my practice all year long.”



Here is information about J. Michael Bone, one of the participants in the “conference”:

(PCP: Zachary, Shyers, Adejokun-Ojo / Lobnitz, Sherrard, Roberts) Mr. Bone was not present and was not represented by counsel. A four-count administrative complaint filed May 11, 2006 alleged violations of s. 491.009(1)(w), F.S., by violating Rule 64B4-7.006(2)(a), F.A.C., by providing an evaluation of a minor when respondent had a prior relationship with one of the parties; Rule 64B4-7.006(2)(b), F.A.C., by failing to interview minor’s treating mental health professions, family physician, immediate relatives, teachers, and school counselor; Rule 64B4-7.006(2)(b), F.A.C., by failing to use testing methods in data gathering; s. 456.072(1)(j), F.S., by aiding, assisting, or procuring a person not licensed to practice psychology or psychotherapy, to practice psychology or psychotherapy.

A two-count administrative complaint filed on October 2, 2006 alleged violations of s. 491.009(1)(t), F.S., by violating Rule 64B4-7.006(2)(b), F.A.C., of failing to use multiple avenues of data gathering including testing and interviewing all persons central to evaluation of a minor; and s. 491.009(1)(h), F.S.,by failing to perform a legal obligation of including psychological evaluations and substance abuse evaluations of the parties as part of evaluation by order of the Circuit Court.

A voluntary relinquishment of license was submitted to the department in lieu of further administrative/disciplinary action, in which respondent agrees to never reapply for licensure under Chapter 491, Florida Statutes.

Following discussion, the board took the following action:

Motion: by Ms. White to accept the voluntary relinquishment of license. Second: by Dr. Otis. Vote: Unanimous.

Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling February 8-9, 2007.

For those who are investigating the family court crisis, thank you so much for all of your good work.


All the best in the New Year!

Family Court in America

One thought on “Happy Holidays to Federal Investigators and Investigative Journalists!

  1. Please help me investigate my case immediately!

    I am currently in Sacramento awaiting an appointment with the AG. I live in Sonoma County. My children are in the hands of their abusive father, who strangled me, and my son, threw my baby with man’s force against our bed, and almost bounced him out the window. I have not seen my children in over a year.

    I spent over $100,000 dollars in order to investigate guns being smuggled from various counties, by way of coercion by my ex and his attorneys. $1.5 – $2 million to try and get a child support order.

    I was forced out of several of my homes from fear, intimidation and fraud. At least 10 witnesses in my trial were threatened of intimidated verbally or physically. I have recently sold the last of my once vast jewelry collection, in order to maintain a minimum sustainability to provide office supplies and reconcile this horrific and colossal judicial oppression, that in no relative description resembled even minutely a trial. Since my trial, I have received many death threats.

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