Please forward this information to all who can help…


A Loving Mother’s Cry For Help

I’m a 25-year-old loving mother of two girls. My case started in November 2008. Two months after moving to Virginia with my Navy husband, my oldest girl’s biological father filed for visitation. The short time her biological father and I were together he had a history of explosive anger and violence toward me even in front of my baby, he also used to physically abuse me when I was pregnant. In March of 2008, my three-year-old daughter told me she was molested by her biological father’s stepfather while in his care.

In January 2010, I returned to Cincinnati to address the visitation issue in Butler County. If the child’s biological father lived in Sunman, Indiana all this time, why was the issue brought up in Butler County? My father helped me retain a Butler County attorney. We informed the attorney of the history of violence and sexual abuse. My first hearing on 2-9-10 was cancelled due to the weather. That same day my mother and I were stalked by two Fairfield police officers and my 51-year-old mother was locked in Butler County jail with no explanation. The next day she was told she was arrested for failure to appear in Butler County juvenile court.

The next hearing was 3-30-2010 at which my attorney came out of the courtroom and said, “My hands are tied.”. That was it, he presented no argument or discovery. The judge ordered my child to have overnight visits in the home where she had been sexually abused. At the next hearing on 6-30-2010 I brought my father, and a long-term friend of my daughter’s biological father as witnesses, we also brought my 5-year-old daughter thinking the Magistrate would talk to her about the violence and sex abuse, instead the magistrate forced her to go with her father and his family for four hours. my daughter screamed violently outside the courthouse for 45 minutes begging us all to save her, she threw up twice.

My present attorney witnessed her behavior and said,”If anything bad happens let me know and we will file an appeal”. The next day my daughter informed us that she had been raped and beaten while in their custody for four short hours. She was also threatened with death if she told anyone. We informed our attorney and his demeanor changed 180 degrees. He refused to do anything including return our calls.

In the ensuing months my family has bounced from Butler, Dearborn and Hamilton County begging for help to protect our lives to no avail. My parents, who live in Fairfield have received numerous death threats, home invasions, stalkers, and vandalism. All that because my father filed a grievance in Butler County on our behalf. My parents have recently fled their home of 9 years in fear of their lives.

Please someone help our innocent family, as our lives and most importantly my daughter’s life is at stake. I have another one-sided hearing in Butler County on Wednesday, November 24th when the judge apparently intends to throw me in jail and send my daughter to live in the home in where she said she was abused in terrible ways.


A loving and desperate mother. Please call me if you can help.

Editor’s note: Please contact Family Court in America at for contact information if you can help this brave mother who is desperately trying to protect her child in what appears to be another “Parental Alienation” set-up:

1. Child speaks of abuse
2. Mother believes her child
3. Mother attempts to protect her child from further abuse
4. Family Court does not protect child from alleged abuser / forces child to “visit” with abuser
5. Mother and child threatened by court / Gardner’s “threat therapy”
7. Mother, unable to protect her child and threatened if she does protect her child becomes desperate
6. Mother said to be “alienating”, not “protecting”
7. Custody “flipped” to alleged abuser
8. Mother incarcerated / allowed only supervised visits with child / or no contact with child

Please forward this information. Thank you.

Julia Fletcher
Family Court in America

3 thoughts on “Please forward this information to all who can help…

  1. I feel for this mother. I could have written this article…So sad. I thought that attorneys turning on their clients was only in my case–it angers me that this is more prevalent.

  2. “My hands are tied, now it all depends on you.” was what my attorney in Lexington, Kentucky said to me before I went to the courtroom for the second time.

    Why can’t they use a medical test with the kids to see if there was really abuse? Oh! I know, because they believe that trash – Gardner’s ideas about pedophilia like ”It’s a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people.”…sick man…The main problem is that the man was sick and no one should ever use his insane ideas.

    I want to throw up when I think that an adult can think or feel that want to have sex with a baby, or a boy or a girl. It is completely insane and no one should go free after they commit that crime, and if the father is the one that commits the crime, he does not deserve to live. I wonder what would of happen if the daughter of a judge were to be sexually abused by her father? Do you think the judge would like her kid to go live with the perpetrator? Let’s think for a moment, maybe yes, if she was abused when she was little and all this is a endless circle.

    But how we can end with all this? What if the judges were raped also? Maybe the majority of them had lived in hell during their childhood. What other reason could there be? How else could they allow pedophiles to have access to a child?

    From my little corner I will do everything in my power to help all mothers who are going through difficult moments, I have no idea what is to lose a child, but I live constantly at crossroads wondering if my daughter will be at school when I will go to pick her up. Will she be take away from me in our way home? Let me tell you that’s living in hell too.

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