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I received this information a few days ago and wish I would have posted this sooner. It’s my understanding that if these young women receive enough of a response, there’s a possibility that their school will offer a semester class on the subject. Please mail postcards by November 7th and please forward this information. Thank you!


We are a group of Eastern Kentucky College students working on a project to raise awareness as well as advocate for women who have lost custody of their children to their alleged abuser after alleging and/or proving domestic abuse. We are hoping to create a traveling postcard display for use at various events to raise awareness. You may use any postcard that you desire. This will be for public view, so we do not require your name. We would like to know:  

  • the state your case is in
  • the number of children involved and how often you see them if child protective services was involved (DHS, DYFUS, CPS etc.)
  • how long your case has been going on
  • if you have a gag order


Please give us a few sentences in your own words, write legibly and large. Suggested topics include:

  • Your regrets as you have gone through the process (hindsight)
  • What you would say if your gag order was lifted
  • What you would like to say to your  judge, abuser, or your children.
  • What you  wish you had as far as help.
  • What you would like to see changed in the laws.


We do NOT want your real name or any identifying information for your own protection. Please mail your postcards by November 7, 2010, to:

EKU Safe & WGS                           

Keith 121,

Attn Julie Jones:       

521 Lancaster Ave           

Richmond, KY 40475      


Questions?  Email us at:;;

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