After the documents have been shredded, what evidence of a family court crisis do we have?






Dr. Phil is looking to do more on abused mothers after the show

he had last spring on Crisis in the Family Courts.  Let’s flood Dr. Phil

with our stories…he is looking for them.  He did an outstanding

job on the show that featured Katie Tagle.  Let’s keep it going! 

Click here to add your story.



“When I started the Dr. Phil show years ago,

I said we were going to talk about the silent epidemics in this country.” – Dr. Phil McGraw


“In the end, what evidence of a family court crisis does Dr. Phil

and the mothers’ family court advocates who worked with him have? Very little.” –  Glenn Sacks


“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” – Dr. Carl Sagan 



The “Let’s Send Dr. Phil the Evidence” checklist:


  • Make yourself a cup of tea – if you can still afford to buy tea and if you still have a kitchen. (   )
  • Find a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. (   )
  • Sit down in a comfortable chair – if you still have one. (   )
  • Count your blessings if you still have tea, a chair and a kitchen. (   ) 
  • Take 3 nice deep breaths. (   )
  • Think of the 3-5 most important events in your case that are clear evidence of a family court crisis. (   )
  • Write 1-2 sentences describing each of those events. (   )
  • Find documents showing evidence of those events ie. court transcripts, documents and photos. (   )
  • Make copies of those documents. (   )
  • Redact with a black marker/tape ALL identifying details ie. names, dates and locations on the copies. (   ) 
  • Scan the redacted documents onto a PDF file. PDF files can’t be ammended or shredded. (   )
  • Write a double spaced one page summary of your case. (   )
  • Send the evidence of the family court crisis to Dr. Phil. (   )
  • Thank goodness Dr. Phil is “shining the light” on the silent epidemic of the family court crisis. (   )




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