Family Court in Bowling Green, Kentucky…


Here is Elaine Barnes Bateman’s interview with Christian Coffey’s mother, stepfather and best friend. The judge in this case has threatened Christian’s mother and supporters with jail.


The next scheduled hearing is on October 19, 2010

Warren County Justice Center
1001 Center St.
Bowling Green, Kentucky


Here are excerpts from documents in this case:

“…You will find the order states the above-named Respondent Steven Coffey be restrained from committing further acts or abuse of threats of abuse…”

“…For the Petitioner against the above named Respondent in that it was established, by a preponderance of the evidence, that an act(s) of domestic violence or abuse has occurred and may again occur…”


  • Did the judge hold Mr. Coffey accountable for those acts of domestic violence or abuse?
  • Did the Judge list a 14-year-old child on a DVO without prior notice of that hearing to guardians of that minor child?
  • Is the judge and/or her family affiliated socially and/or politically with any attorney or litigant in this case?
  • Was the cabinet worker who testified about abuse in October 2009 the investigator at that time?
  • Did Judge Holderfield allow perjury of  the cabinet worker or require proof of statements made in court?
  • Did the judge deny the victim’s attorney’s requests to submit evidence regarding the Cabinet worker’s testimony?
  • Did the judge accept as facts, the testimony of witnesses in this case – without supporting evidence?
  • Are any newspaper or television reporters looking for the answers to those questions?


Petition For Christian:…

More information about this case at:…

“Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey”:…


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