Let’s help Tyler celebrate his 25th birthday!!!


From the Pedal for Prevention website:


Computer Stats:
Miles – 13.4
Avg. Speed – 16.3

After our marathon 100 mile day to Prairie City, we were well ahead of schedule, and we wanted to get some work done, so we gave ourselves an easy 13 mile day to John Day. After climbing mountains all day from Vale, our sprint through John Day Valley beside the John Day River was a breeze. Less than an hour and we were in our new motel home for the night!


So now onto the today’s real blog… Not to sound egocentric, BUT my birthday is fast approaching! I’m turning 25 on Monday the 4th; a quarter of a century old. I honestly can’t believe I’m almost 25, and two years ago, if someone had said, “on your 25th birthday you’ll be in Bend, Oregon on cross country bike trip for charity”, I never would have believed them. It’s strange how things work out, but despite missing family and friends A LOT, I wouldn’t trade my oncoming birthday situation. I’m proud to be on the road for kids, and in the world making a difference and pulling my weight.

The only hard part for me is the issue of presents; more specifically, not getting any! That’s what birthdays are for, an excuse to get cool stuff, and money off of the folks! But to allay my sorrows, I’ve come up with a plan that I think you’ll like…

For my birthday present from all of our committed and giving readers, I’m asking for “gifts” of any multiple of 25. For my birthday, I’d love to get donations of 25 something – $.25, $2.50, $25, $250, $2,500, $25,000 or even $250,000 if someone really wants to make my 25th memorable!

I know it’s a funky ask, but there’s really nothing I need (besides a car) and it just makes more sense to try and raise some money for a good cause.

You can make your birthday present gift HERE

Thank you all in advance, and I can’t wait to have my phone beep out of my pocket leading up to Monday with donation alerts!

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