Pedal for Prevention: St. Louis, MO to Ft. Collins, CO to the Ellen DeGeneres Show…


This video is from 3 typical guys, biking across America, who might end up doing more to help abused children in our family court system than all of the judges and attorneys and social workers who have ever worked in the family court system put togetherPlease see Elliott Cooper’s request below video.

Education. That’s what it’s all about… 



From Elliott B. Cooper at Darkness 2 Light:

Please help us get Pedal for Prevention on Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres is asking her viewers to nominate someone who is very special for her to do something great for them. We think Tyler, Landon and Mike are great and think Ellen would agree.

1.    Please visit:

2.    Fill out your contact information

3.    Upload this picture to Ellen’s Website:


 <—-  a.    Save this picture (or any other picture from the Pedal for Prevention website) to your computer

 —-> b.    On Ellen’s site, Click Browse, Select the picture, Click open

4.    Finally, copy and paste the below paragraph in the “tell us your story” Section

 (make sure there are no extra lines or spaces):
Tyler deserves Ellen’s help! He works part-time for a national nonprofit, Darkness to Light, whose mission is to prevent child sexual abuse. Shocking statistic: 1 in 4 girls & 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they are 18. Last fall, he decided to VOLUNTARILY bicycle 4,000 miles from Charleston, SC to LA & call it Pedal for Prevention. His goal is to raise $40K for prevention. He raised the funds for expenses so ALL $40K would be used to make D2L’s training program, Stewards of Children, available to people for free. The training is $10/person, & D2L estimates that trained adults protect 10 children. $1 protects 1 child! $40K protects 40,000 children! He recruited 2 friends to join him & they’re almost to LA. They are blogging & stopping to raise awareness about this issue’s devastating impact on children, families & society. “Kids can’t go out & talk about this to the rest of the world. As adults, we need to be that voice. Discussing this issue is the way to fight back & we’re creating dialogue about prevention.” Tyler has organized all this to further D2L’s cause. He knows it’s going to take a little craziness(like quitting your job & riding across the country)to grab people’s attention! Ellen can rock his world by welcoming him to LA on Oct 24. These 3 amazing young men would love to tell about the incredible people they’ve met, the dogs they’ve ridden for their lives from, & the money they’ve raised to prevent abuse. Please show them what they’re doing matters!
Thank you for your support!

Elliott B. Cooper

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