Day 29 – Limon, CO to Bennett, CO

Tyler’s journal entry:

Day 29 – Limon, CO to Bennett, CO

I woke up early in the 1st Inn Gold when the reading light above my bed fell off the wall and smacked me in the forehead right on cue at 5:24 am. We were due to sleep in, and despite the night time knock, we were at ease because we were catching a ride to Bennett with our host for the night, Barb and her daughter Amanda. Barb pickup us up from the hotel around 9 and we were in Bennett, fifty miles closer to Denver by 10:30.  

With Mike’s bike still maligned, catching a ride to Bennett was a real god-send. Not only was it a day off the saddle, but getting to Bennett early gave us time to relax and enjoy an extra day off, something that we value more than gold. We were staying at Barb’s sister’s and brother in law’s wheat farm overlooking the mountains, and being around a family on a comfy couch was just what we all needed.

Barb was so excited to meet us and help on our mission to prevent child sexual abuse, that she had printed 1,000 blue flyers explaining our ride and encouraging people to donate, and join us on our mission. Barb had also solicited stores around Bennett and had gotten a few gift certificates that we could use on our ride.

After lunch, we gathered up barbs flyers and prevent child abuse ribbons and headed to King Soopers (the town grocery store) to pass out the flyers to shoppers. We got through a few hundred before we called it a day and headed home to relax, and enjoy the opening weekend of the college football season sipping cold Colorado beer and watching the sun drop below the mountains to the West.

We said goodbye to the Barb’s sister Brenda and her husband Randy and the kids before we hopped in the truck once again and were escorted to Denver. A few more days off the bike staying at a friends house in the city meant recovering bottoms and getting feeling back in the fingertips.

We’re having a press conference today from 1-3 across from the Governour’s mansion at Lincoln Park downtown, so if you feel like coming out, please do! We’re almost halfway done with our trip, and we have just over 2,000 miles and $35,000 to go until we reach L.A., and our $40,000 mark. Chip-in and help us keep rolling, Wyoming is looming large on the horizon!


3 thoughts on “Day 29 – Limon, CO to Bennett, CO

  1. I stumbled across this and wish you the best. As you cross Colorado, I wanted all of your followers to know we have been diligently working in Colorado to bring regulatory reform, specifically to the Child Family Investigator role. They hold absolute power as the Investigative Arm of the Court without any Oversight, Accountability, and all court-appointed “Divorce Industry Experts” protected by quasi-judicial immunity statute C.R.S. 12-43-215. They can’t be touched no matter how many lives they shatter.

    We have an opportunity to let our voices be heard. The CFI proposed reforms are located at

    Submit your comments regarding the proposed CFI Reforms anonymously by 9/30/10 at

    As well as submitting your comments to the reforms to build awareness, strength and support for change, if you have the emotional strength left —
    1. The number of complaints needs to be increased through written submission to the District Court Administrator’s Office and copy to the State Court Administrator’s Office per CJD 04-05 I know there are more than 5 complaints worthy of attention at the State Level besides the 5 mentioned in the report.

    2. DORA is not the avenue as the report highlights ~ 60 complaints per year have been dismissed x 10 years
    CFI role in effect = 600 dismissed complaints.

    3. Please see the May 18, 2010 News Article to submit a CFI complaint with more details –

    or contact the State Court Administrator’s Office directly:
    Chad Edinger
    Court Auxiliary Services Coordinator
    Colorado State Court Administrators Office
    101 West Colfax Ave, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202
    phone: 303-837-3605
    fax: 303-837-2340


    Bill DeLisio
    Family Law Program Manager
    Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office
    101 West Colfax, 5th Floor
    Denver, CO 80202
    (o) 303-837-3623
    (f) 303-837-2340

    Many of our complaints are posted at and then click on the Document Repository tab.

    Please spread the word about the Reforms to get as many comments in as possible before the 9/30/10 deadline.

  2. Tyler, I am sorry I missed you here. I would have loved to hand out flyers too. With love and good spirits. A protective mom in kansas.

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