Dr. Phil: Crisis in the Family Courts 8/11/2010



Press Release 8/9/10

The Dr. Phil show will be airing the 2nd show on the crisis in the family courts on 8/11/2010. Please forward this information on to everyone, and let’s all email and thank Dr. Phil for covering this national crisis affecting thousands of America’s children who are court ordered to live with their abusive parent.  Mothers  and children, all over the U.S. are not being protected by the “official avenues” who are supposed to protect them…judges, police, Dept. of Children and Families. This is truly a national crisis, and it’s affecting more than 58,000 children a year. Let your voice be heard….let’s be part of the solution to this epidemic.


Linda Marie Sacks
Protective Mother, Actress and Co-Chair
Fl NOW Child Custody and Family Court Committee

One thought on “Dr. Phil: Crisis in the Family Courts 8/11/2010

  1. I have been victimized by the Department of children and Family services with false allegations. my son was robbed from me on hearsay. there was no investigation, there was no evidence there was no proof. nor did they drug test me, and i did request that they test me and they didn’t. I have wrote to President Obama, to Members of Congress, to Governor Schwarzenegger,to the county board of supervisors about the injustice done to my family. my son was in a foster home and the social worker promised the foster mom my son’s adoption when my son told the foster mom he didn’t want to be adopted by her she had her 16 yr old nephew ,her 16 yr old son and her ex husband beat my son up my son was 12 yr,s old.my son was in 4 foster homes in 9 months three were abusive. when i lost my son i lost every thing. I didn’t regain custody in 18 months because i was homeless and had no income. my daughter in law got guardianship of my son and DCFS closed my case. in august 2009 i told my daughter in law i was going back to court to regain custody of my son.my parental rights were not terminated. I petition the court , and i didn’t know my daughter in law was going to be in court with me asking the courts permisson to move my son to ohio. the judge told me she could only hear one petition giving my daughter in law permision to move. I wasn’t allowed to say anything. I was devastated my heart is broken. my son told his attorney he didn’t want to go. It was not in the best interest of my child to be taken away from all of his important family relationships. to deprive him of the love of me and other family members. In court he wasn’t given the opportunity to express how he felt. my son was getting ready to start his first year of high school here with all his friend’s. my son was picked out of 40 students to be in a mentor’s program with the long beach fire department this program was about teaching integrity and responsibility and honesty my son called the fire station his home he loved the brotherhood he shared with these good men my son was suited up and went on call’s with these men he was taken from every thing to nothing he was moved to ohio because my ex daughter in law met some guy over the internet . 2 weeks after my son got to ohio he calls me and he is homeless and his guardian is running out of money,he was out of school for almost 3 month’s because his guardian didn’t have the proper paper work. my son’s guardian told the court the reason she was moving was to put me out of my son’s life. i got to visit with my son for 30 minutes the day before he left to ohio it was 6 days after the court hearing he was on a train and gone. i have appealed the judge’s decision. the court’s improper action allowing the guardian to move across country without any plan for visitation. discounting my relationship with my son. granting the guardian’s petition without a hearing violated my due process rights. the court erred when it concluded it’s in the best interests of my son to be moved almost 3000 miles away from me. my son has suffered severe trauma from being placed in the system the people who claim they are protecting children are destroying our children. children don’t get returned to their innocent grieving parents who truly love them social workers don’t get three to five thousand dollars for every child they return home. they only get that amount of money for every child they get adopted. so why should they return children to their loving parents when it don’t pay. DCFS has to be stopped, they are destroying our families thank you so much for all your doing to expose tthe suffering of parent’s and children with no voice.every moment me and my son are separated is torture beyond what any one should have to bear. god bless

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