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Information from Stop Family Violence:
Hi All –
I’ve just been contacted by a producer at a major media outlet who is looking to do a story on moms who have lost custody to an  abuser who was rich and/or well-connected and/or powerful.   (perhaps he was a cop, a lawyer, a judge, a psychiatrist, a corporate exec, etc)
At a minimum the story will be published online on a site w/high visibility to women.  Possibly leading to  placement on morning news program or other court related TV programming.  The journalist is willing to do interviews in shadow and/or use pseudonyms to protect identify if needed.
Tight deadline- need by today if possible, Friday if necessary.
Please contact me at with the following info:
First Name (required)
Last Name (optional)
BRIEF  (approx 500 words) description of your situation that includes the following
How long you were together
His position of privilege/power – was he a cop? A judge?  A corporate exec? Etc..
1-3 examples of how he abused you or your children
Summary of what happened when you went to court  – how much money you/he spent, whether you/he had attorneys, any egregious thing that happened by the judge, the evaluator, etc.
The outcome –  who has custody now?  What is your life like?
Please keep the above scenario as brief as possible –
Irene Weiser

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