Experts divided on signing ‘parental kidnapping’ treaty | The Japan Times Online


Is it any wonder?

 People living in a country celebrating

Children’s Day”

  think children’s rights are as important as parent’s rights.


   Experts divided on signing ‘parental kidnapping’ treaty | The Japan Times Online.

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5 thoughts on “Experts divided on signing ‘parental kidnapping’ treaty | The Japan Times Online

  1. I totally agree with Kensuke Onuki, parents who had abuse alien women and children use the Hague Convention in their favor; many of them send their innocents wives to visit their countries and spend some time with their families, meanwhile the father hire private enterprise of international investigations and child recovery and accused the wife of child kidnapping. Later fathers used the Hague Convention to take the children back to the country and the wife some times go to jail and lost all her rights over the kids.
    I wish we all can agree and ask to make sorts of amendments in the Hague Convention so that the “best interest of the children” can be added. The best interest of the children means many times that we, mother and father have to make sacrifices, I strongly believe children of divorced parents should live with their mothers and have visitations rights if this is not going to harm the children.
    thank you for let give the opportunity to share my thoughts.

  2. I am sure it is horrible for Japanese mothers constantly looking over their shoulders wondering when Daddy is going to jump out from behind the bushes and take the children, like Christopher Savoie tried.

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